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Japan is an affiliated member National Committee.

August 2006, the Science Council of Japan (SCJ) has established the new DIVERSITAS National Committee as a subcommittee under IGBP-WCRP Joint Committee. The first Scientific Committee meeting of Core Project bioGENESIS was hosted in Japan in November 2006, Fukuoka. We have been collaborated with GEOSS-AP activities since 2006, which have been organized 4 times of regional meetings. In 2009, JBON and AP BON were launched under GEO BON, and will start a biodiversity observation project in Japan and Asia-Pacific region with the support of Ministry of Environment Japan. We also hosted the pre-conference of CBD COP10 with DIVERSITAS Science Committee in March 2010, and made comments on the former version of Aichi Target.


Tohru Nakashizuka, Tohoku University, Sendai.

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