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Ireland is an affiliated member National Committee

The Trinity Centre for Biodiversity Research (TCBR) brings together researchers from across Trinity College Dublin (TCD) to provide a broad base of expertise in a range of biodiversity research areas, enabling research to cross traditional disciplinary boundaries to encompass biological, social, economic, legal and political aspects of biodiversity.

Collaborative research networks

The TCBR has a Memorandum of Understanding signed with the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin and close associations with the National Museum and Dublin Zoo. Staff involved in the Centre are members of the International Botanic Gardens Network and have close associations with Kew Gardens, UK. In addition the Centre collaborates with organisations such as the Irish National Biodiversity Data Centre and Quercus, the Northern Ireland Research Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Biology, as well as agencies such as National Parks and Wildlife, the Environmental Protection Agency and Teagasc, all of which have core interests in biodiversity and biological sustainability.


Director: Dr. Jane Stout, TCBR Director, Discipline of Botany, School of Natura Sciences, Trinity College Dublin.

Steering Committee Members

  • Nicola Marples – Discipline of Zoology, School of Natural Sciences
  • Trevor Hodkinson – Discipline of Botany, School of Natural Sciences
  • Gayle McGlynn – Discipline of Geography, School of Natural Sciences
  • Bruce Misstear - Discipline of Civil Structural and Environ Engineering, School of Natural Sciences
  • Steve Waldren – Course Director, MSc. in Biodiversity and Conservation
  • Sven Batke - Postgraduate representative
  • Ainhoa González Del Campo - Postdoctoral representative
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