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France is a full member National Committee

French Foundation for Research on Biodiversity

FRB's core mission is to promote and coordinate research on biodiversity and to support the dissemination of research outcomes to stakeholders and end-users. It works at the national, European and international levels. FRB interfaces between science and society to meet the challenges of biodiversity research. To this end, FRB created and developed CESAB, a structure to foster innovative biodiversity research by valuing existing data sets and advancing new concepts. French and international researchers find in CESAB the necessary means and infrastructure to conduct analyses on previously collected large data sets.

FRB also manages Ecoscope, a national platform that identifies and networks French observatories of biodiversity research and related ecological services. Ecoscope's goal is to foster access to data and scientific exploitation of data from various research observatories, support interpolation and transversal studies between these observatories, and coordinate resources. FRB aslo facilitates Ecoscope involvement in major international endeavors.

FRB is a Science-Society interface to meet challenges of biodiversity research. FRB gives priority to approaches with values of co-construction and multidisciplinarity.

More information on : www.fondationbiodiversite.fr


Bénédicte Herbinet, Director,  Fondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversité, Paris.

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