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Future Earth is opening a new era of integrative sustainability science. As one of the founding programmes of Future Earth, DIVERSITAS transferred all its activities to Future Earth, and its international Secretariat has closed on 31st December 2014. casino online canada

To continue your involvement or to find further information, please contact:

  • Projects' Science Officers for the activities of their respective DIVERSITAS projects;
  • GEO BON Secretariat and GMBA for activities related to observation;
  • bioDISCOVERY and ICSU for activities related to assessment (e.g. IPBES);
  • bioDISCOVERY and Future Earth Secretariat for activities related to science-policy activities (e.g. Convention on Biological Diversity-CBD, post 2015 SDGs process); and
  • For any other matter (e.g. National Committees, communication, Future Earth development): Future Earth Secretariat.


The DIVERSITAS website will be kept alive for the next 5 years, and the DIVERSITAS' archives are stored at ICSU. online casino nz


DIVERSITAS is in full support of Future Earth as a framework for integrated global environmental change science for sustainability. DIVERSITAS worked with Future Earth to ensure the appropriate representation of biodiversity, ecosystem functioning, and ecosystem services in its scientific portfolio. Genetic diversity, along with evolutionary and ecological processes, provides the only means whereby biotic components of ecosystems can adapt to the rapidly changing environment. The interplay between ecological systems and human behaviour, values, and institutions must also be better addressed in order to have an impact on the underlying drivers of biodiversity changes.

The SC-DIVERSITAS oversaw the transition process of its projects and science-policy activities during the period 2013-2014. The DIVERSITAS project portfolio was reviewed and restructured in the context of this transition:

The DIVERSITAS projects take leadership roles in continuing the DIVERSITAS science-policy activities under Future Earth, which include contributions and support to:

  • policy processes and fora (e.g. SDGs development, CBD),
  • assessment mechanisms (e.g. IPBES, GBO),
  • observation mechanisms (e.g. GEO BON, GBIF).online casino ireland

Finally, the coordination and facilitation role played by the DIVERSITAS Scientific Committee and Secretariat is transferred to Future Earth and partners of the Alliance for Global Sustainability.

January 2015


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